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Sarah Lorrimer-Riley

Painting and Drawing, Ceramics, Printmaking

Venue 13

Oaken Grove Vineyard

Born in London, growing up in rural North Wales and now settled in Oxfordshire, I take a lot of my inspiration from the environment around me. The central theme of my work is exploring the relationship between the natural world and our own internal landscape. How our thoughts, feelings and inner dialogues are reflected in the environment around us.

I like to think of my work as a conversation. I apply many layers to each canvas using a variety of techniques, each layer reflecting different thoughts, places and time.

My work explores and reflects those hidden spaces (both mental and physical). In every piece I create a seies of ’mark maps’ inviting the observer to follow me on the journey.

I work intuitively and use texture, inks, acrylics, foraged items, collage, pastels, pencil and 24 carat gold leaf in my practice, building each piece up layer by layer until the story is complete.

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