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Caroline Crawford

Painting and Drawing

Venue 5

River & Rowing Museum

My paintings investigate memory of place and travel, and how this compares to reality. There are references from journeys away from home and how I remember a place, as I view my surroundings in vastness or in small detail.
This is all then transferred into painting and my own visual language. With rhythmic patterns, balanced with composition, line, shape, colour, and texture. These creative relationships, dialogues, and compositions are held within a space, I explore from the front to the back of the painting to create a narrative. There is often a feeling of classic landscape painting with a back, mid and foreground to the work, creating a feeling of looking through. The painting style is Abstract.
The viewpoint varies, as sometimes we can be flying with an aerial view. In some of the works, there is a feeling of a smaller still life scale, as if objects were placed on a table.

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