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Other Media Directory

Angela Lenman

Venue 30


Textiles, Batik

Becky Paton

Venue 15

The Maker Space


Charlotte Martin

Venue 12

Art At Pheasants

Painting and Drawing, Collage, Mixed media

Christine Green

Venue 15

The Maker Space

Textiles, Paper cutting

Imogen Waller

Venue 29

Rebecca Howard & Friends

Jewellery, And metal object d'art

Janina Maher

Venue 7

Eyot Centre

Painting and Drawing, Handmade books

Jo Harris

Venue 11

Laurel Studio

Mixed Media, Drawing, Collage

Judith Fletcher

Venue 12

Art at Pheasants

Painting and Drawing, paper-cutting, collage

Julie Grose

Venue 13

Oaken Grove Vineyard

Sculpture, Metalwork

Kay Surman

Venue 15

The Maker Space

Painting and Drawing, Woodwork, Glass, Jewellery, Printmaking, Textiles, Mosaics

Lynda Hopkins

Venue 14

Bix Six

Painting and Drawing, mosaics

Massimo Hewitt

Venue 23

Charvil Village Hall

Resin Items

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